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Uganda Safaris

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Uganda is a great destination to experience wildlife viewing in both forest and savannah. Not to be missed is gorilla tracking in Bwindi; while chimps can easily be spotted in Kibale National Park. Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls national parks offer wonderful savannah safaris with good wildlife viewing, but animals are not as abundant compared to the top parks of Kenya and Tanzania.

Year after year word of mouth is increasingly spreading about the unique experience of tours to Uganda.

The pinnacle of Uganda tours lies not only in its exhilarating Safari options but in its vibrant and hospitable locals. Since overcoming the turmoil of civil war and years of corruption, Uganda has climbed from strength to strength, eradicated its history and now offers an eclectic range of unparalleled tourist attractions.

The years of fearful tourists stealthily moving around Uganda’s charms have long disappeared as visitors now flood into Uganda’s welcome arms.

From the iconic Bwindi National Park to Kampala, Uganda’s buzzing capital, Uganda’s services have never looked so appealing.

The sought after African safaris are the evident driving force of tourism to Uganda still. Rwenzori National Park, a scenic mountain route that offers refreshing foothill paths through the wondrous Ugandan wildlife, features highly on visitors lists of things to do in Uganda. For the perfect diversity of natural wildlife, Rwenzori tours not only offer an eclectic range of wild animals but also stunning plant-life, crashing waterfalls, shimmering glaciers and a thriving range of colorful birds.

No tour of Uganda is complete without experiencing the unforgettable Bwindi National Park. This UNESCO world heritage site is only accessible by foot and the dense forest is inhabited by a wealth of incredible animals, rare plant-life. Offering one of the richest ecosystems in the world, Bwindi tours are simply imperative to your list.

Other great sites and tours to indulge in should include the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, a great spot to see the delights of Rhinos in a protected environment. Kibale National Park is one of Africa’s greatest Chimpanzee parks where you can track the trails and habits of the fun-loving chimps.

The capital of Uganda, Kampala, is the perfect showcase of new-era Uganda. A frenetic, vibrant hub of African pride. A tour through this capital will allow you to engage with some of the warmest people and encounter the true sense of life in Uganda. Kampala also contains the wonderful and exciting Ndere center, a great source of cultural information on Uganda and the perfect way to interact with the traditions of the people.

For Idyllic island life, let your Uganda tours drift you to Ssese Islands, a dreamy excuse to lounge around luxurious African beaches, even if they are in the middle of Lake Victoria.

The adventure traveler will be keen to know that white-water rafting on Uganda’s Nalubale river tours offer an adrenaline rush of a lifetime and waterfall enthusiasts will be in ore with a visit to Murchison Falls.

Best Time to Go: June to August and December to February

High Season: June to September (It’s rarely crowded)

Size: 241,038km² / 93,065mi²

Pros and Cons

  • One of the very few places to see endangered mountain gorillas
  • Combine primate viewing with a classic savannah safari
  • Good balance between vehicle, boat and walking activities
  • Excellent birding
  • Scenic beauty
  • Young, relatively inexperienced tourist industry


Elephant, hippo, buffalo and zebra are plentiful in Uganda, with giraffe and leopard less so. The birding in the country is a real highlight. So is the tracking of primates, in particular gorilla and chimp, but there are many other species worth watching. These include the red-tailed monkey and the grey-cheeked mangabey. The antelope known as the Uganda kob is found pretty much everywhere and is a favorite of predators such as the lion.

Weather & Climate

Uganda’s tropical climate is a little different in the north and south of the country. From March to November, the north experiences a rainy and warm Wet season, followed by an almost equally warm Dry season from December to February. The south, on the other hand has a pair of Dry seasons (December to February, and June to July) broken up by a pair of Wet seasons. The country’s higher altitudes get predictably cold, with the temperature dropping 6°C/3.5°F for every 1000m/1000ft you climb.

Best Time to Visit

The drier months from June to August and December to February are the best for wildlife watching in Uganda. This is particularly so when it comes to the rainforest habitat preferred by primates, but it also applies down on the savannah where animals have little bush to hide in. There’s also plentiful sunshine at this time. In the wetter months, there’s the possibility that rain will cut off roads and wash out your primate tracking adventure.

Premier Parks and Reserves

  • Bwindi Impenetrable NP– Gorilla tracking
  • Kibale NP– Chimpanzee tracking
  • Murchison Falls NP– Boat and classic safari
  • Queen Elizabeth NP– Boat and classic safari
  • All 10 Uganda Parks & Reserves

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